Guang Wang

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Arabidopsis thaliana Protein Interactome Database (AtPID) is an object database that integrates data from several bioinformatics prediction methods and manually collected information from the literature. It contains data relevant to protein-protein interaction, protein subcellular location, ortholog maps, domain attributes and gene regulation. The predicted(More)
Effective management of data is a major issue in genomics. Genomics data consists of highly interrelated information about genes, proteins, patterns, classifications, and interactions. Graph databases, which model graphs or networks of data, seem a natural way to manage genomics data. Graph databases can support visualization of both queries and results by(More)
A simply and reproducible way is proposed to significantly suppress the nucleation density of graphene on the copper foil during the chemical vapor deposition process. By inserting a copper foil into a tube with one close end, the nucleation density on the copper foils can be reduced by more than five orders of magnitude and an ultra-low nucleation density(More)
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT), which can reduce the size and therefore increase the resectability of tumors, has recently evolved as a treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer. NACT has been reported to decrease the risk of pathologic factors related to prognosis of cervical cancer. To further assess the effects of NACT on surgery and the pathologic(More)
A point machine's gap is an important indication of its healthy status. An edge detection algorithm is proposed to measure and calculate a point machine's gap from the gap image captured by CCD plane arrays. This algorithm integrates adaptive wavelet-based image denoising, locally adaptive image binarization, and mathematical morphology technologies. The(More)