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Microstrip-line-fed printed wide-slot antenna with a fractal-shaped slot for bandwidth enhancement is proposed and experimentally studied. By etching the wide slot as fractal shapes, it is experimentally found that the operating bandwidth can be significantly enhanced, and the relation between the bandwidth and the iteration order (IO) and iteration factor(More)
Macrophages not only initiate and modulate immune responses, but also are the final effector cells. Recent studies suggested that macrophages conventionally associated with IFN-gamma dominant Th1-type responses and also playing an essential role in the Th2-type inflammatory response, exhibit a quite different activation from the classically activated(More)
Succinic acid is not the dominant fermentation product from glucose in wild-type Escherichia coli W1485. To reduce byproduct formation and increase succinic acid accumulation, pyruvate formate-lyase and lactate dehydrogenase, encoded by pflB and ldhA genes, were inactivated. However, E. coli NZN111, the ldhA and pflB deletion strain, could not utilize(More)
OBJECTIVE High dose fluorescein sodium has been utilized for fluorescence-guided tumor resection with conflicting reports on the efficacy of this procedure. The aim of this study was to reevaluate the utility and clinical limitations of using fluorescein sodium for the treatment and resection of glioma brain tumors. METHODS Patients diagnosed with glioma(More)
Figure 1 . −K band structure evolution with T Si : a) 560 K (DP = 0.34 eV), b) 580 K (DP = 0.27 eV), c) 600 K (DP = 0.23 eV), d) 625 K (DP = 0.14 eV), and e) 630 K (DP = 0.12 eV). Upper panels show the ARPES intensity maps and lower panels show the corresponding MDC, measured at an interval of 10 meV. Red, purple, and green curves mark E F , VBM, and(More)
The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) has accrued RNA-Seq-based transcriptome data for more than 4000 cancer tissue samples across 12 cancer types, translating these data into biological insights remains a major challenge. We analyzed and compared the transcriptomes of 4043 cancer and 548 normal tissue samples from 21 TCGA cancer types, and created a comprehensive(More)
Fibrates are lipid lowering drugs and found as ligands for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs). A clinical study has shown that one type of fibrate gemfibrozil reduces stroke incidence in men. However, it remains unknown whether gemfibrozil improves outcome after stroke. We hypothesized that prophylactic administration of gemfibrozil(More)
We examined whether chronic systemic treatment with agonists for peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α (PPARα) influences neuroinflammation induced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) injection into the somatosensory cortex in adult mice. Mice were pretreated with Wy-14643 or fenofibrate, both at 30 mg/kg, for 7 days. These treatment protocols increased the(More)
A novel technique to reduce the size of microstrip patch antennas is proposed. By etching the patch edges according to Koch curves as inductive loading, and inserting the Sierpinski carpets into the patch as slot loading, it is experimentally found that the resonant frequency of the patch can be greatly lowered, and the higher the iteration order of the(More)
We propose a kind of chiral metamaterial inspired from the fractal concept. The Hilbert fractal perturbation in the twisted split ring resonator element results in compact metamaterial and breaking mirror symmetry, which readily forms chirality over triple bands. The discrepancy between co-polarization conversion and cross-polarization conversion over(More)