Guang-Rong Ji

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CONTEXT Vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene polymorphisms have been strongly associated with bone mineral density in some studies. However, in a recent meta-analysis, no relationship of the VDR BsmI or TaqI polymorphism and fracture risk was found in the meta-analysis of published data. OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN Our meta-analysis studied whether a relationship(More)
Osteosarcoma is a bone cancer that develops commonly in children and adolescents. However, osteosarcoma treatments often fail by the development of chemoresistance to apoptosis, and the molecular mechanisms remain unclear. In this study, we propose that autophagy is responsible for osteosarcomatous resistance to apoptosis. We implicate PERK-mediated(More)
The onset of lipid peroxidation within cellular membranes is associated with changes in their physiochemical properties and enzymatic dysfunction of the membrane environment. There are increasing bodies of evidence indicating that aldehydic molecules generated endogenously during the process of lipid peroxidation are causally involved in most of the(More)
One of the important problems in multi-scale analysis is the detected features evolution in scale-space. By using the Laplacian of 2-D Gaussian as the kernel, i t is given that the detected zero-crossing of a corner in scale-space is an ellipse whose curvature radius is determined by the analysis scale and the slope of the corner's boundary. Based on this(More)
The dynamics of the local field neural networks have been studied extensively, and many good results have been obtained. It should be pointed out that, the global robust stability for the static neural networks with time-delays received very little attention despite its practical importance. In this paper, by using the topological degree theory M-matrix(More)
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