Guang Meng

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Board-level solder joint reliability is very critical for handheld electronic products during drop impact. In this study, board-level drop test and finite element method (FEM) are adopted to investigate failure modes and failure mechanisms of lead-free solder joint under drop impact. In order to make all ball grid array (BGA) packages on the same test board(More)
With the development of the condition-based maintenance techniques and the consequent requirement for good machine learning methods, new challenges arise in unsupervised learning. In the real-world situations , due to the relevant features that could exhibit the real machine condition are often unknown as priori, condition monitoring systems based on(More)
The importance of maintenance optimization has been recognized over the past decades and is highly emphasized by today's competitive economy. In this paper, an updated sequential predictive maintenance (USPM) policy is proposed to decide a real-time preventive maintenance (PM) schedule for a continuously monitored degrading system that will minimize(More)
Electrostatic micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) is a special branch with a wide range of applications in sensing and actuating devices in MEMS. This paper provides a survey and analysis of the electrostatic force of importance in MEMS, its physical model, scaling effect, stability, nonlinearity and reliability in detail. It is necessary to understand(More)
OBJECTIVE To discover varieties of sensitization pollens and improve specific diagnosis against tropic pollinosis by the field survey of tropic plants. METHOD (1) All of the chosen 20 tropic plants widely located, with enormous quantity and more pollens were identified the family, genus and species by specialists. And their pollens gathered in full bloom(More)
Research and development in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have made remarkable progress since the advent of the first electrostatic micromotor in 1987. Considerable efforts have been directed to the investigation of the failure mechanisms and reliability of electrostatic micromotors. This paper provides a brief overview of failure modes and(More)
Keywords: Preventive maintenance policy Imperfect preventive maintenance Extended proportional hazards model Variable operational conditions a b s t r a c t This paper develops two component-level control-limit preventive maintenance (PM) policies for systems subject to the joint effect of partial recovery PM acts (imperfect PM acts) and variable(More)