Guang Jun Wu

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Enterogenous cysts mostly locate in the spinal canal and have only rarely been reported in an intracranial site. We report a case of enterogenous cyst in the ventral to brainstem. The 45-year-old woman presented with paroxysmal headache and diplopia. A CT scan and MRI revealed a cystic clival mass from midbrain to medulla. Subtotal resection was performed(More)
This study aimed to investigate the role of ACh in SmI emanating descending modulation of thalamic Pf neurons in acupuncture analgesia. Multi-micropipettes were used for both extracellularly recording responses of thalamic Pf neurons to noxious stimulation of the plantar area and drug application in rats. It was found that (1) lesion of SmI obviously(More)
In this paper, recent advances in parallel software development for solving neutron transport problems are presented. The method of characteristics is based on the resolution of the differential transport equation following the tracking lines in order to collect the local angular flux components. Due to the excessive number of tracks in the demanding(More)
The present experiments aimed to investigate whether the caudate nucleus (Cd) was involved in cortical sensorimotor area I (Sm I) generating descending modulation of the parafascicular nucleus (Pf) in acupuncture analgesia (AA), and what type of opiate receptors in Cd were involved. It was found that nociceptive responses of Pf neurons could be inhibited by(More)
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