Guang-Jun He

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In this study, a universal protein expression enhancement RNA tool, termed RNAe, was developed by modifying a recently discovered natural long non-coding RNA. At the moment, RNAe is the only technology for gene expression enhancement, as opposed to silencing, at the post-transcriptional level. With this technology, an expression enhancement of 50-1000% is(More)
The modulation of mRNA turnover has been increasingly recognized as a hotpoint for gene expression regulation at the post-transcriptional level. In eukaryotic cells, most mRNAs are degraded via the deadenylation-dependent pathway, in which the removal of the poly(A) tail is the initial and rate-limiting step. Caf1, a deadenylase specifically degrades(More)
Divalent metal ions are essential for the efficient catalysis and structural stability of many nucleotidyl-transfer enzymes. Poly(A)-specific ribonuclease (PARN) belongs to the DEDD superfamily of 3'-exonucleases, and the active site of PARN contains four conserved acidic amino acid residues that coordinate two Mg(2+) ions. In this research, we studied the(More)
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