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— We investigate how quickly phase transitions can occur in some geometric random graphs where n points are distributed uniformly and independently in the unit cube [0, 1] d for some positive integer d. In the case of graph connectivity for the one-dimensional case, we show that the transition width behaves like n −1 (when the number n of users is large), a(More)
—Femtocells are low-cost, miniature base-stations intended to improve indoor coverage in 3G networks and beyond. One of the main issues in adopting femtocells en masse is the surge in interference to the mobile users served by the macrocell arising from unplanned networks and private access. Therefore, distributed power control mechanisms for femtocells are(More)
— We consider the geometric random graph where n points are distributed uniformly and independently on the unit interval [0, 1]. Using the method of first and second moments, we provide a simple proof of a very strong " zero-one " law for the property of graph connectivity under the asymptotic regime created by having n become large and the transmission(More)
Leptin serves as a humoral link coupling the status of energy reserves to the functional activity of the reproductive system. Leptin is thought to act through melanocortinergic pathways in the brain to regulate ingestive behaviors; however, whether melanocortins mediate leptin's actions on the neuroendocrine-reproductive axis is unknown. We tested this(More)
Penile erection induced by alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone and melanocortin receptors (MC-R) in areas of the spinal cord and periphery has not been demonstrated. To elucidate sites of the proerectile action of melanocortin peptides, in awake male rats we administered the MC-R agonist Ac-Nle-c[Asp-His-DPhe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-NH(2) (MT-II) i.c.v., intrathecal(More)
This paper introduces a novel moving vehicle color recognition method. By processing videos recorded by monocular camera on traffic, we get single color image of vehicles which are crossed the traffic in any direction. First, paper employed a H-S two dimension histogram method to detect the color of the vehicles, and distinguish red, yellow, green and blue(More)
We consider the random network where n points are placed independently on the unit interval [0,1] according to some probability distribution function F. Two nodes communicate with each other if their distance is less than some transmission range. When F admits a continuous density f with f<sub>*</sub> = inf (f(x), x isin [0,1]) &gt; 0, the property of graph(More)
Hepatocyte retinoid X receptor (RXR)alpha-deficient mice and wild-type mice were fed either a regular or a high-saturated-fat diet for 12 wk to study the functional role of hepatocyte RXRalpha in fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism. Food intake was significantly reduced in hepatocyte RXRalpha-deficient mice when either diet was used. The amount of food(More)
We consider a collection of n independent points which are distributed on the unit interval [0,1] according to some probability distribution function F. Two nodes are said to be adjacent if their distance is less than some given threshold value. When F admits a nonvanishing density f , we show under a weak continuity assumption on f that the property of(More)