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Resveratrol limits diabetes-associated cognitive decline in rats by preventing oxidative stress and inflammation and modulating hippocampal structural synaptic plasticity
Oral supplementation of resveratrol might be a potential therapeutic strategy for the treatment and/or prevention of diabetic encephalopathy, as well as modulating the structural synaptic plasticity in diabetic rats.
Remote ischemic preconditioning improves post resuscitation cerebral function via overexpressing neuroglobin after cardiac arrest in rats
Remote ischemic preconditioning attenuated post resuscitation cerebral dysfunction and the neuroprotection was mediated partly by high level of neuroglobin in a rat model of cardiac arrest and resuscitation.
CircSMAD4 alleviates high glucose-induced inflammation, extracellular matrix deposition and apoptosis in mouse glomerulus mesangial cells by relieving miR-377-3p-mediated BMP7 inhibition
CircSMAD4 alleviates HG-induced SV40-MES13 cell inflammation, ECM deposition and apoptosis by relieving miR-377-3p-mediated inhibition on BMP7 in DN progression.