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A study on correlation between structure and resistivity variations was performed for live adult human skull. The resistivities of 388 skull samples, excised from 48 skull flaps of patients undergoing surgery, were measured at body temperature (36.5 degrees C) using the well-known four-electrode method in the frequency range of 1-4 MHz. According to(More)
AMS subject classifications: 62G15 62G08 62F30 a b s t r a c t We consider the (profile) empirical likelihood inferences for the regression parameter (and its any sub-component) in the semiparametric additive isotonic regression model where each additive nonparametric component is assumed to be a monotone function. In theory, we show that the empirical(More)
This paper concerns semiparametric regression models with additive nonpara-metric components and high dimensional parametric components under spar-sity assumptions. To achieve simultaneous model selection for both nonpara-metric and parametric parts, we introduce a penalty that combines the adap-tive empirical L 2-norms of the nonparametric component(More)
AMS subject classifications: 62F40 62F25 62F12 Keywords: Bootstrap consistency Clustered/longitudinal data Exchangeably weighted cluster bootstrap Generalized estimating equations One-step bootstrap a b s t r a c t The cluster bootstrap resamples clusters or subjects instead of individual observations in order to preserve the dependence within each cluster(More)