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Acetaldehyde is a mutagen and carcinogen which occurs widely in the human environment, sometimes in considerable amounts, but little is known about its reactions with DNA. In this study, we identified three new types of stable acetaldehyde DNA adducts, including an interstrand cross-link. These were formed in addition to the previously characterized(More)
A study on correlation between structure and resistivity variations was performed for live adult human skull. The resistivities of 388 skull samples, excised from 48 skull flaps of patients undergoing surgery, were measured at body temperature (36.5 degrees C) using the well-known four-electrode method in the frequency range of 1-4 MHz. According to(More)
Serotonergic receptors take their physiologic effects by affecting adenylyl cyclase (AC) catalytic activity and cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) concentration. AC-cAMP second messenger pathway has been recently suggested to play an important role in depression. Therefore, the compound that regulates the signal pathway may have potential as(More)
The number of studies focused on the transformation and sequestration of soil organic carbon (C) has dramatically increased in recent years due to growing interest in understanding the global C cycle. While it is readily accepted that terrestrial C dynamics are heavily influenced by the catabolic and anabolic activities of microorganisms, the incorporation(More)
Stroke is one of the leading causes of mortality; however, its treatment remains obscure and largely empirical. Since matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) has been postulated to be the major contributor of neuronal injury during reperfusion, inhibition of MMP-9 could be a potential approach in maintaining the viability of neurons. Trans-resveratrol(More)
AIM To evaluate the single- and multiple-dose pharmacokinetics of vincristine sulfate liposomes (VSLI) in patients with advanced solid tumors. METHODS In single-dose pharmacokinetic study, 16 patients were administered VSLI (1.5, 2.0, or 2.3 mg·m(-2)) through intravenous infusion. Another 6 patients receiving vincristine sulfate (VCR, 2.0 mg) were taken(More)
By Guang Cheng∗ and Jianhua Z. Huang† Purdue University and Texas A&M University Consider M-estimation in a semiparametric model that is characterized by a Euclidean parameter of interest and an infinite-dimensional nuisance parameter. As a general-purpose approach to statistical inferences, the bootstrap has found wide applications in semiparametric(More)
We consider the estimation of sparse graphical models that characterize the dependency structure of high-dimensional tensor-valued data. To facilitate the estimation of the precision matrix corresponding to each way of the tensor, we assume the data follow a tensor normal distribution whose covariance has a Kronecker product structure. The penalized maximum(More)
We investigated the reactions of formaldehyde plus acetaldehyde with dGuo and DNA in order to determine whether certain 1,N(2)-propano-dGuo adducts could be formed. These adducts-3-(2'-deoxyribosyl)-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-8-hydroxypyrimido[1,2-a]purine-(3H)-one (1) and 3-(2'-deoxyribosyl)-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-6-hydroxypyrimido[1,2-a]purine-(3H)-one (3a,b)-have(More)
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) is a common inducer of the release of hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPC) from the bone marrow into the peripheral blood. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying this action of G-CSF have not been fully elucidated. Herein, we demonstrate that G-CSF is a powerful chemotactic agent for human HPC other than(More)