Guang-Bing Li

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Long-distance entanglement distribution is essential for both foundational tests of quantum physics and scalable quantum networks. Owing to channel loss, however, the previously achieved distance was limited to ~100 kilometers. Here we demonstrate satellite-based distribution of entangled photon pairs to two locations separated by 1203 kilometers on Earth,(More)
Monocarboxylate transporter 4 (MCT4) is a critical component in the glycolytic metabolism of cancer cells, and is also important for malignant behavior. We investigated the expression profile of MCT4, its prognostic value in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients, its role in HCC cell proliferation and metastasis, and associated initial molecular(More)
BACKGROUND Protein phosphatase magnesium-dependent 1δ (PPM1D) is an oncogene, overexpressed in many solid tumors, including ovarian cancer and breast cancer. The current study examined the expression and the prognostic value of PPM1D mRNA in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). METHODS Total RNA was extracted from 86 HCC and paired non-cancerous liver(More)
Liver transplantation for autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is usually successful with excellent long-term outcomes, but primary disease may recur. The recurrence of AIH is a significant cause of graft loss. This study was to analyze the effect of splenectomy in preventing AIH relapse. The clinical courses of 12 patients who had transplantation for AIH were(More)
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