Guanfang Wang

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Cyclins are primary regulators of the activity of cyclin-dependent kinases, which are known to play critical roles in controlling eukaryotic cell cycle progression. While there has been extensive research on cell cycle mechanisms and cyclin function in animals and yeasts, only a small number of plant cyclins have been characterized functionally. In this(More)
Interactions between homologs in meiotic prophase I, such as recombination and synapsis, are critical for proper homolog segregation and involve the coordination of several parallel events. However, few regulatory genes have been identified; in particular, it is not clear what roles the proteins similar to the mitotic cell cycle regulators might play during(More)
Measure synchronization (MS) in a two-species bosonic Josephson junction (BJJ) is studied based on semiclassical theory. Six different scenarios for MS, including two in the Josephson oscillation regime (the zero-phase mode) and four in the self-trapping regime (the π-phase mode), are clearly shown. Systematic investigations of the common features behind(More)
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