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As the microblogging service (such as Weibo) is becoming popular, spam becomes a serious problem of affecting the credibility and readability of Online Social Networks. Most existing studies took use of a set of features to identify spam, but without the consideration of the overlap and dependency among different features. In this study, we investigate the(More)
Color brings extra data capacity for QR codes, but it also brings tremendous challenges to the decoding because of color interference and illumination variation, especially for high-density QR codes. In this paper, we put forth a framework for high-capacity QR codes, HiQ, which optimizes the decoding algorithm for high-density QR codes to achieve robust and(More)
Motivated by the prevalence of OAuth-related vulnerabilities in the wild, large-scale security testing of real-world OAuth 2.0 implementations have received increasing attention lately [31,37,42]. However, these existing works either rely on <i>manual discovery</i> of new vulnerabilities in OAuth 2.0 implementations or perform automated testing for(More)
This paper presents a nonequilibrium thermodynamic model for the relaxation of a local, isolated system in nonequilibrium using the principle of steepest entropy ascent (SEA), which can be expressed as a variational principle in thermodynamic state space. The model is able to arrive at the Onsager relations for such a system. Since no assumption of local(More)
This paper presents a study of the nonequilibrium relaxation process of chemically reactive systems using steepest-entropy-ascent quantum thermodynamics (SEAQT). The trajectory of the chemical reaction, i.e., the accessible intermediate states, is predicted and discussed. The prediction is made using a thermodynamic-ensemble approach, which does not require(More)
A number of electronic devices involve metal/oxide interfaces in their structure where the oxide layer plays the role of electrical insulator. As the downscaling of devices continues, the oxide thickness can spread over only a few atomic layers, making the role of interfaces prominent on its insulating properties. The prototypical Al/SiO2 metal/oxide(More)
Clearly understanding elementary growth processes that depend on surface reconstruction is essential to controlling vapor-phase epitaxy more precisely. In this study, ammonia chemical adsorption on GaN(0001) reconstructed surfaces under metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) conditions (3Ga-H and Nad-H + Ga-H on a 2 × 2 unit cell) is investigated using(More)
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