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As the microblogging service (such as Weibo) is becoming popular, spam becomes a serious problem of affecting the credibility and readability of Online Social Networks. Most existing studies took use of a set of features to identify spam, but without the consideration of the overlap and dependency among different features. In this study, we investigate the(More)
Color brings extra data capacity for QR codes, but it also brings tremendous challenges to the decoding because of color interference and illumination variation, especially for high-density QR codes. In this paper, we put forth a framework for high-capacity QR codes, HiQ, which optimizes the decoding algorithm for high-density QR codes to achieve robust and(More)
Motivated by the prevalence of OAuth-related vulnerabilities in the wild, large-scale security testing of real-world OAuth 2.0 implementations have received increasing attention lately [31,37,42]. However, these existing works either rely on <i>manual discovery</i> of new vulnerabilities in OAuth 2.0 implementations or perform automated testing for(More)
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