Guan-Zhi Chen

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This paper proposes a vision-based Multi-user Human Computer Interaction (HCI) method for creating augmented reality user interfaces. In the HCI session, one of the users’ hands is selected as the active hand. The fingers of the active hand are employed as input devices to trigger functionalities of the application program. To share the token of interaction(More)
Ultrasound images are prone to speckle noises. Speckles blur features which are essential for diagnosis and assessment. Thus despeckling is a necessity in ultrasound image processing. Linear filters can suppress speckles, but they smooth out features. Median filter based despeckling algorithms produce better results. However, they may produce artifact(More)
A physically motivated model is indispensable for a successful analysis of the impact of leaching from nuclear waste storage sites on the environment and public health. While most analyses use the single-phase flow model for modelling unsaturated flow and solute transport, the two-phase flow model considering the resistance of gas to water flow is a more(More)
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