Guan-Yu Ding

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BACKGROUND The Ministries of Justice and Education have implemented adolescent substance abuse prevention programs for many years. Rates of substance abuse among high school students continue to rise in spite of such programs. PURPOSE This study investigates adolescents' substance abuse-related knowledge and attitudes and self-confidence to resist(More)
The 16e half-sandwich complex Cp*Co(S(2)C(2)B(10)H(10))(1, Cp* = pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) reacts with N-1-naphthylpropargylamide to afford two 18e complexes (2) and (3). 2 is a 1 : 1 adduct containing a four-membered metallacycle. In 3 the alkyne is twofold inserted into one Co-S bond in a head-head mode. Reactions of 1 with 1-(2-furyl)-2-propyn-1-one(More)
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