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BACKGROUND Animal behavior is governed by the activity of interconnected brain circuits. Comprehensive brain wiring maps are thus needed in order to formulate hypotheses about information flow and also to guide genetic manipulations aimed at understanding how genes and circuits orchestrate complex behaviors. RESULTS To assemble this map, we deconstructed(More)
An incremental learning by navigation approach to vision based autonomous land vehicle (ALV) guidance in indoor environments is proposed. The approach consists of three stages: initial learning, navigation, and model updating. In the initial learning stage, the ALV is driven manually, and environment images and other status data are recorded automatically.(More)
This paper considers word position information for language modeling. For organized documents, such as technical papers or news reports, the composition and the word usage of articles of the same style are usually similar. Therefore, the documents can be separated into partitions consisting of identical rhetoric or topic styles by the literary structures,(More)
References Descriptions Ostrovsky[21] Derivation for water waves with rotation Leonov[19] Nonexistence of classical solitons Redekopp[23] Derivation for water waves with rotation Ostrovsky&Stepanyants[22] Review with some numerical solutions and extensive bibliography Hunter[17] Matched asymptotics: KdV solitons are the " inner " approximation; sinusoidal(More)
From the Surface Velocity Program (SVP) drifter current data, a detailed and complete track of strong ocean currents in the northwestern Pacific is provided using the bin average method. The focus of this study is on the Kuroshio, the strong western boundary current of the North Pacific flowing northward along the east coast of Taiwan and then turning(More)
If the initial condition for the Korteweg-deVries (KdV) equation is a weakly nonlin-ear wavepacket, then its evolution is described by the Nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS) equation. This KdV/NLS connection has been known for many years, but its various aspects and implications have been discussed only in asides. In this note, we attempt a more focused and(More)