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Fluorescent, through-bond energy transfer cassettes for labeling multiple biological molecules in one experiment.
Through-bond energy transfer cassettes based on a fluorescein donor component electronically conjugated to rhodamine-like acceptors have been designed and synthesized. They absorb strongly at 488 nmExpand
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Syntheses of regioisomerically pure 5- or 6-halogenated fluoresceins.
Three routes to regioisomerically pure 5- and 6-iodofluoresceins or 5- and 6-bromofluoresceins are described. The first, shown in Scheme 1, involves diazotization/iodination of the correspondingExpand
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Rigid, conjugated, fluoresceinated thymidine triphosphates: syntheses and polymerase mediated incorporation into DNA analogues.
Syntheses of a unique set of energy transfer dye labeled nucleoside triphosphates, compounds 1-3, are described. Attempts to prepare these compounds were only successful if the triphosphorylationExpand
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Syntheses, photophysical properties, and application of through-bond energy-transfer cassettes for biotechnology.
We have designed fluorescent "through-bond energy-transfer cassettes" that can harvest energy of a relatively short wavelength (e.g., 490 nm), and emit it at appreciably longer wavelengths withoutExpand
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Microwave-assisted syntheses of regioisomerically pure bromorhodamine derivatives.
[structure: see text] Regioisomerically pure bromo-substituted rhodamine derivatives (bromorosamines) were prepared via microwave-accelerated condensation reactions followed by oxidation withExpand
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Highly β-Selective Epoxidation of Δ5-Unsaturated Steroids Catalyzed by Ketones
A general catalytic and environmentally friendly method for beta-epoxidation of delta5-unsaturated steroids has been developed, which uses ketones as the catalysts and Oxone as the terminal oxidant.Expand
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Diastereoselective Epoxidation of Cyclohexene Derivatives by Dioxiranes Generated in Situ. Importance of Steric and Field Effects.
In this paper, diastereoselective epoxidation of substituted cyclohexenes (substrates 1-7) by dioxiranes generated in situ from ketones and Oxone was systematically investigated. The results revealedExpand
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Design of Efficient Ketone Catalysts for Epoxidation by Using the Field Effect
By using the field effect (through-space charge-dipole or dipole−dipole interactions), efficient ketone catalysts 7 and 10 were developed for in situ epoxidation of olefins with Oxone. With eitherExpand
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Syntheses and spectroscopic properties of energy transfer systems based on squaraines
The purpose of this project was to prepare fluorescent dyes that could absorb energy at relatively short wavelengths, and fluoresce in the near-IR region. To achieve this, copper- andExpand
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Oligonucleotides with strongly fluorescent groups pi-conjugated to a nucleobase: syntheses, melting temperatures, and conformation.
Phosphoramidite 1 was prepared, incorporated into oligonucleotides, and these were studied via thermal denaturation and circular dichroism.
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