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Thirty-four experts and a literature supervisor got together in order to reach a 'consensus' regarding the definition, diagnosis and pharmacological treatment of insomnia. Insomnia is a subjective perception of dissatisfaction with the amount and/or quality of sleep. It includes difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep or early awakening with inability(More)
Les fistules paraprothétiques sont des complications rares mais graves des prothèses aortiques abdominales. Le meilleur examen à visée diagnostique est l'endoscopie. Deux stades des lésions endoscopiques sont décrits. Le traitement est touours chirurgical. Le diagnostic porté avant l'intervention permet une conduite thérapeutique moins lourde pour le(More)
Esophageal dilatations under topical pharyngeal anesthesia with the Eder-Puestow's metallic olives system were performed 101 times on 30 patients presenting peptic strictures. This method uses first a metallic wire introduced into the esophagus and the stomach under endoscopic control. Then, the wire allows to guide dilatating olives through very tight(More)
Retrograde cholangiography was conducted in 310 patients early or late after biliary system surgery. Principal indications for the investigation were angiocholitis (37% of cases), isolated jaundice (30%) or acute hepatic colic (17%). Biliary tract lesions were excluded in 7% of patients while in the remaining 93% it was possible to determine the precise(More)
OBJECTIVE To normalize bacteriostasis and relieving itching external therapeutic function of Kochiae Fructus. METHODS Itching guinea pig model caused by histamine, itching mice model, eczema guinea pig model caused by OVA, and inhibitory effect on pathogens in vitro were used to observe the itching threshold, symptoms and other related physiological(More)
The authors report a case of Menetrier's disease revealed in a 51 years woman before oedomas by systematic gastroscopy. Somes particularities of this case authorize to argue problems put by this disease: a thyroid nodule treated by L + triodothyronin; an eosinophilia; a biological study of gastric secretion, gastrin and intrinsec factor level; an hormonal,(More)