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With the development of the Internet and cloud computing, there need databases to be able to store and process big data effectively, demand for high-performance when reading and writing, so the traditional relational database is facing many new challenges. Especially in large scale and high-concurrency applications, such as search engines and SNS, using the(More)
Streaming media content distribution networks(SCDNS) are increasingly being used to disseminate data in today's Internet. A very important issue in SCDN is the content distribution strategy. This paper proposes a new content distribution strategy in which a content object was divided into two sections. The first part is replicated to all of cache server.(More)
With the information becoming drastically and the structure of information turning out to be progressively adaptable, MongoDB has supplanted the relational database in numerous applications. In many applications it has outperformed the traditional SQL databases, and hence in this paper there would be modeling about the changes from SQL no NoSQL database(More)
The rapid development of mobile computing and cloud computing trigger novel computing paradigm-----Mobile Cloud Computing. This paper review current research effort towards Mobile Computing. First, we present several challenges for the design of Mobile Cloud Computing service. Second, a concept model has been proposed to analyze related research work.(More)
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