Guan Huang

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The outer hair cell (OHC) possesses a nonlinear charge movement whose characteristics indicate that it represents the voltage sensor responsible for OHC mechanical activity. OHC mechanical activity is known to exist along a restricted extent of the cell's length. We have used a simultaneous partitioning microchamber and whole cell voltage clamp technique to(More)
The outer hair cell (OHC) from the organ of Corti is believed to be responsible for the mammal's exquisite sense of hearing. A membrane-based motile response of this cell underlies the initial processing of acoustic energy. The voltage-dependent capacitance of the OHC, possibly reflecting charge movement of the motility voltage sensor, was measured in cells(More)
Whole cell and single channel Ca2+ currents were compared for hippocampal neurons of normal and ethanol-tolerant long-sleep and short-sleep mice. The properties of these currents were equivalent for normal LS and SS mice. In contrast, the peak amplitude of the whole cell Ca2+ current increased significantly for neurons isolated from LS but not SS mice(More)
The whole cell recording technique was used to explore the depressant effect of the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine (IP) on calcium currents of neurons in cultures of murine dorsal root ganglia. The maximal whole cell current (ICa) mediated by the L-type calcium channel declined to 54% of control within 3 min of superfusing neurons with a solution(More)
Synaptic vesicles aggregate at the presynaptic terminal during synapse formation via mechanisms that are poorly understood. Here we have investigated the role of the putative calcium sensor synaptotagmin I in vesicle aggregation during the formation of soma-soma synapses between identified partner cells using a simple in vitro synapse model in the mollusc(More)
1. Voltage-activated currents through calcium channels in primary cultures of murine dorsal root ganglion cells (DRG) were studied with the whole-cell and cell-attached patch recording techniques. 2. The chemical phosphatase 2,3-butanedione monoxime (BDM) reversibly reduced the amplitude of L-type calcium current (ICa) in a dose-dependent manner; at a(More)
The mammalian outer hair cell (OHC) functions not only as sensory receptor, but also as mechanical effector; this unique union is believed to enhance our ability to discriminate among acoustic frequencies, especially in the kilohertz range. An electrical technique designed to isolate restricted portions of the plasma membrane was used to map the(More)
—To date, there have been massive Semi-Structured Documents (SSDs) during the evolution of the Internet. These SSDs contain both unstructured features (e.g., plain text) and metadata (e.g., tags). Most previous works focused on modeling the unstructured text, and recently, some other methods have been proposed to model the unstructured text with specific(More)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of the human primary motor cortex (M1) at suprathreshold strength results in inhibition of M1 in the opposite hemisphere, a process termed interhemispheric inhibition (IHI). Two phases of IHI, termed short-latency interhemispheric inhibition (SIHI) and long-latency interhemispheric inhibition (LIHI), involving(More)