Guan-Hao Lai

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In this paper, we tackle the failure detection problem in OpenFlow networks. We have examined several commercial OpenFlow switches and found that the long failure detection time makes an OpenFlow network unable to realize fast failure recovery. To resolve this problem, we propose a software based failure detection and fault location identification scheme.(More)
In an OpenFlow network, the controller is responsible to control and manage the whole network. Although such central control paradigm is easier to achieve efficient network resources usage, the controller becomes the bottleneck when the network size is large. In this paper, we propose using pre-provisioned paths to mitigate the burden on a controller. The(More)
In this paper, we address the OpenFlow virtual network (VN) design problem. Unlike most of the existing approaches that directly performing bandwidth slicing on the physical networks, we take traffic uncertainly and statistical multiplexing into consideration. In our system, a user can specify the desired VN topology and the capacity for each virtual link(More)
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