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At present, many supermarkets are still using the traditional shopping cart and bar code scanning. This shopping mode will make clients feel tired to push cart forward and waste much time on waiting in line. This paper presents the design and implementation of a new application - an intelligent shopping cart. This cart can accurately follow its master by(More)
Recent years, many vision-based vehicle detection methods have been proposed. But just a few of them paid attention to vehicle type classification in a real-time video, which is an important part in intelligent traffic system. The Haar features and Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG) features have been proposed as useful features for vehicle detection(More)
The ant colony algorithm is a mature and effective method to solve the problem of optimizing shortest path, which is one of the key technologies for robot navigation and path planning. But the algorithm often fails into precocity easily and can't get the global best result. This paper proposes an improved ant colony optimization algorithm by dynamically(More)
The Pedestrian detection using Histograms of Oriented Gradients (HOG) is the most popular method to detect a human from a picture. However, it, calculates the HOG description, will cost too much time and can't meet the real-time request for detecting pedestrian from the video surveillance system. In this paper we present a novel algorithm for detecting a(More)
In video surveillance, there are a variety of random disturbances on moving target detection, such as trees sway, camera shake. In order to eliminate these disturbances, this paper presents a novel moving object detection algorithm based on the properties of corner points. Firstly, this paper uses Harris algorithm to detect corner on the video image, and(More)
In this paper, we present a mobile agent based software architecture for home telemonitoring network. The system mainly contain 4 components: end monitoring node, relay station, doctor workstation, and manufacturer server. The manufacturer created mobile code is transferred from the manufacturer server to the relay station or the doctor workstation for(More)
Nowadays motion detection in video sequences is the basis for the high-level analytics and applications. After ViBe is proposed, the current mainstream detection algorithm is based on pixel level to construct the background model for the foreground / background segmentation. Influenced by this kind of algorithm, this paper proposes a spatiotemporal-based(More)
In order to recognizing the feature of abnormality in advance and fix the possible dirty data simultaneously, this article proposed a method to construct a proper mode for a production process producing specific product, a method to estimate the stability of a linear process and a group of data cleaning rule. Both the data processing procedure and algorithm(More)
It is always pursued that the excellent ship structural members are rapidly designed and modified on the premise of ensuring security in ship engineering. In this paper, design and optimization method for ship structure based on knowledge-based engineering is put forward. Combining knowledge-based engineering with parametric technology, the knowledge base(More)
Target tracking has always been a hot research topic in the field of computer vision. Tracking-Learning-Detection (TLD) is a new algorithm for online learning tracking proposed by Zdenek Kalal. In the algorithm, the computation consuming of detection module is relatively large. To solve this problem and improve the algorithm, we proposed an online learning(More)