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Event-related potential (ERP) studies report that early components P120, N170 and VPP are associated with face processing. Several lines of evidence suggest that VPP is the positive counterpart of N170, and they are generated by the same brain sources. However, whether P120 has a negative counterpart and the relations among these early components (i.e.(More)
Psychophysical studies have verified the possibility of recovering the visual ability by the form of low-resolution format of images, that is, phosphene-based representations. Our previous study has found that early visual processing for phosphene patterns is configuration based. This study further investigated the configural processing mechanisms of(More)
Event-related potentials (ERPs) analysis has been widely used in the cognitive studies due to its good performance in reflecting the time-locked stimulus-related brain activities. However, recent studies have found that the phase coherence of ongoing EEG oscillations is also related to stimulus-related brain activities and could reveal some information(More)
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