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In the field of iron-based superconductors, one of the frontier studies is about the pairing mechanism. The recently discovered (Li(1-x)Fe(x))OHFeSe superconductor with the transition temperature of about 40 K provides a good platform to check the origin of double superconducting gaps and high transition temperature in the monolayer FeSe thin film. Here we(More)
Topological superconductors are a very interesting and frontier topic in condensed matter physics. Despite the tremendous efforts in exploring topological superconductivity, its presence is however still under heavy debate. The Dirac electrons have been proven to exist on the surface of a topological insulator. It remains unclear whether and how the Dirac(More)
The superconducting state is formed by the condensation of a large number of Cooper pairs. The normal state electronic properties can give significant influence on the superconducting state. For usual type-II superconductors, the vortices are cylinder like with a round cross-section. For many two dimensional superconductors, such as Cuprates, albeit the(More)
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