Guadalupe Rupert

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Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is now a pediatric disease. As in adults, it disproportionately affects ethnic and racial minorities, including Hispanics. The preponderance of Hispanics in south Texas are of Mexican American (MA) heritage. Over the past 16 years, we have accumulated a large cohort of children with diabetes. We have noted distinct differences in(More)
In this paper, the piston rebound common to both the Schmidt Impact Hammer and downhole hammer drills has been analyzed and calculated by means of stress wave theory and the energy conservation law. A quantitative relationship between the amount of rebound of the piston and the impact resistance index, or hardness of the rock, has been established. Those(More)
To verify the feasibility and efficiency of rotary-percussive drilling assisted by waterjets in very hard rocks, experiments on the Ž . performance of polycrystalline diamond compact PDC cutters resisting different combined loads of static thrust, impact, cutting and waterjets on Missouri red granite and Halston limestone were investigated. The experiments(More)
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