Guadalupe Palomino

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The effect of para-fluorophenylalanine (PFP) on the production of trisomic plants of Agave tequilana Weber var. Azul produced through somatic embryogenesis was investigated. Normal diploid plants with 2n = 2x = 60 were obtained in the control treatment and with 4 mg L−1 PFP exposure, while use of 8 and 12 mg L−1 PFP led to production of trisomics with 2n =(More)
Agave Linnaeus, 1753 is endemic of America and is considered one of the most important crops in Mexico due to its key role in the country's economy. Cytogenetic analysis was carried out in Agave tequilana Weber, 1902 'Azul', Agave cupreata Trelease et Berger, 1915 and Agave angustifolia Haworth, 1812. The analysis showed that in all species the diploid(More)
When adsorbed (at a low temperature) on alkali-metal-exchanged zeolites, CO forms both M(CO) + and M(OC) + carbonyl species with the extra-framework alkali-metal cation of the zeolite. Both quantum chemical and experimental results show that C-bonded adducts are characterized by a C−O stretching IR band at a frequency higher than that of 2143 cm-1 for free(More)
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