Guadalupe Leticia Ocampo-Gómez

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Organophosphorous pesticides (OPs) are suspected of altering reproductive function by reducing brain acetylcholinesterase activity and monoamine levels, thus impairing hypothalamic and/or pituitary endocrine functions and gonadal processes. Our objective was to evaluate in a longitudinal study the association between OP exposure and serum levels of(More)
Several studies have suggested that human semen quality has declined over the past decades and some of them have associated it with occupational exposure to pesticides. However, most of these studies have not been associated with a reliable exposure level and have been designed mostly as cross-sectional studies. The present work evaluates, in a longitudinal(More)
The most prevalent female cancer across the world is breast cancer. Current established breast cancer risk factors explain only a fraction of the breast cancer cases diagnosed, and for this reason, other environmental factors have been studied. Exposure to organochlorine compounds has been linked to an increased incidence of breast cancer, although not all(More)
Lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world. The main cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoke; however, other important genetic and environmental risk factors play a significant role in the development of lung cancer. Among these factors, occupational and accidental exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) has been associated with an increased(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess whether in Mexican population the frequencies of ATM polymorphisms IVS24-9delT, IVS38-8-T>C, and 5557G>A in breast cancer (BC) cases and healthy controls were different from those found in other countries. MATERIALS AND METHODS Frequencies of polymorphisms conferring BC risk IVS24-9delT, IVS38-8T>C, and 5557G>A were analyzed by(More)
This article presents a reflexion on the role of helminthic diseases in the world. Emphasis is made on the fact that in spite of its enormous diversity, helminthic parasites have similar epidemiologic behaviours and share high endemicity. Mathematical model design is crucial not only for a better understanding of their transmission mechanisms, but to(More)
The Hippo pathway regulates cell proliferation and apoptosis and it has been noted that loss of critical components of this pathway can lead to uncontrolled cell growth. Yes-associated protein (YAP) is an important component of this Hippo pathway because YAP is the nuclear effector of the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway and it is crucial for the response to(More)
Despite long-term studies, still not much is known about the asthma triggering factors and its sometimes controversial results. Probably one of the major problems of controversy is the lack of specific and accurate diagnosis of this disease. The aim of this study was to assess lung function, atopy, and environmental factors in spirometry-diagnosed asthmatic(More)
Alteration of multidrug resistance-associated protein-1 (MRP1) expression has been associated with certain lung diseases, and this protein may be pivotal in protecting the lungs against endogenous or exogenous toxic compounds. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the expression of MRP1 in bronchoalveolar cells from subjects with and without(More)
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