Guadalupe Hernández-Téllez

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The title compound, C22H20Br2N2S, was synthesized under solvent-free conditions. The mol-ecule shows crystallographic C 2 symmetry, with the S atom of the central thio-phene ring lying on a twofold rotation axis. Furthermore, as a consequence of the (S,S) stereochemistry, the mol-ecule has a twisted conformation. The dihedral angle between the thio-phene(More)
A series of thio-phenes substituted in positions 2 and 5 by imine groups have been synthesized using a solvent-free approach, and their crystal structures determined. The substituents are chiral groups, and the expected absolute configuration for each mol-ecule was confirmed by refinement of the Flack parameter. The compounds are(More)
Using a general solvent-free procedure for the synthesis of chiral Schiff bases, the following compounds were synthesized and their crystal structures determined: (S)-(+)-2-{[(1-phenyl-eth-yl)imino]-meth-yl}naphthalene, C19H17N, (1), (S)-(+)-2-({[(4-methyl-phen-yl)eth-yl]imino}-meth-yl)naphthalene, C20H19N, (2),(More)
In the title compound, C21H17NS, the C=N double bond shows an E conformation. The dihedral angle between the mean planes of the naphthyl residue and the benzo-thio-phene residue is 89.14 (6)°. The crystal packing is stabilized by inter-molecular C-H⋯π inter-actions, building a ribbon structure along the a axis.
PbS:Cu nanocrystalline films were prepared by chemical bath at temperature of 80 degrees C and deposited on glass substrates. Different Cu-doping levels were obtained changing the volume of the Cu-reagent-solution into the PbS growing solution. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and optical absorption (OA) measurements were carried out to characterize the(More)
The title chiral bis-aldimine, C24H26N2S, was synthesized using a solvent-free Schiff condensation. The mol-ecule displays crystallographic C 2 symmetry, with the S atom lying on the twofold axis parallel to [100]. As a consequence of the (S,S) stereochemistry, the tolyl groups are oriented towards opposite faces of the thiophene core, giving a twisted(More)
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