Guadalupe Aguado

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We report the naming performance of a fluent aphasic, DP, who shows a striking dissociation between semantic and phonological (nonword) errors: he produced numerous semantic errors but virtually no phonological errors. DP's pattern of performance is the reverse of that reported for patient DM (Caramazza, Papagno, & Ruml, 2000), who only made phonological(More)
Although with the Semantic Web initiative much research on web page semantic annotation has already been done by AI researchers, linguistic text annotation, including the semantic one, was originally developed in Corpus Linguistics and its results have been somehow neglected by AI. The purpose of the research presented in this proposal is to prove that(More)
A 39 year old female presented with a multifocal lesions in the skull, at the frontal right and parietal left. We performed bilateral craniectomies guided with navigation, and the bone defects were repaired with titanium mesh. The pathological examination reported intraosseous cavernous hemangioma in both lesions. Follow up of six months without any(More)
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