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The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of potential interactions between antihypertensives and other drugs. A household survey was conducted with individuals 60 years or older residing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Potential moderately or very severe drug-drug interactions with antihypertensives, documented as suspected, probable or established,(More)
Human albumin is frequently used without regard for the relationship between its pharmacological properties and the respective disease. We investigated the prescription of human albumin in a Brazilian public hospital with emphasis on adherence to international guidelines. Data were gathered from pharmacy and medical records. From March to August 2001, 99(More)
OBJECTIVE This study describes and analyzes the adequacy of HA prescription, for nutritional replacement, in hospitals of the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area and explores the use of SIH/SUS to evaluate the profile and quality of drug prescription. METHODS The information was collected from the Hospital Information System of the "Sistema Unico de Saúde"(More)
This paper presents an interdisciplinary overview of the rational use of medicine from a metapsychological standpoint. The need to reinstate the activity of the pharmaceutical professionals vis-à-vis their patients through pharmaceutical care demands the intervention of new know-how that can ensure a revitalization of this human relationship. In this sense,(More)
The study analyzes the use of human albumin in hospitals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, using inpatient data from the information system of Brazil's health system between 1999 and 2001. Death was the main outcome as patients died in 32% of admissions in which human albumin was used as compared with 4% of all admissions in the same period and region. The(More)
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