Günther Krauss

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Individual nanometer-sized plasmonic antennas are excited resonantly with few-cycle laser pulses in the near infrared. Intense third-harmonic emission of visible light prevails for fundamental photon energies below 1.1 eV. Interband luminescence and second harmonic generation occur solely at higher driving frequencies. We attribute these findings to(More)
We studied the compressibility of silver (10 nm) and gold (30 nm) nanoparticles, n-Ag and n-Au, suspended in a methanol-ethanol mixture by x-ray diffraction (XRD) with synchrotron radiation at pressures up to 30 GPa. Unexpectedly for that size, the nanoparticles show a significantly higher stiffness than the corresponding bulk materials. The bulk modulus of(More)
We demonstrate a compact pulse compression scheme that offers flexible chirp control for improved conversion efficiencies in high resolution nonlinear optical microscopy. An Er:fiber laser combined with a highly nonlinear optical fiber yields pulses centered at 1100 nm with a bandwidth of 500 nm. The compressed pulses with a duration of 7.6 fs enable(More)
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