Gu¨nter P Wagner

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SYNOPSIS. Developmental Evolution (DE) contributes to various research programs in biology, such as the assessment of homology and the determination of the genetic architecture underlying species differences. The most distinctive contribution offered by DE to evolutionary biology, however, is the elucidation of the role of developmental mechanisms in the(More)
Evolvability, the ability of populations to adapt, has recently emerged as a major unifying concept in biology. Although the study of evolvability offers new insights into many important biological questions, the conceptual bases of evolvability, and the mechanisms of its evolution, remain controversial. We used simulated evolution of a model of gene(More)
SYNOPSIS. Phenotypes manifest a balance between the inherited tendency to remain the same (phenotypic stability) and the tendency to change in response to current environmental conditions (adaptation). This paper explores the role of functional integration and functional trade-offs in generating phenotypic stability by limiting the responses of individual(More)
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