Gu Van Rhijn

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From the tonsils of 38 patients suffering from scarlatina and undergoing a penicillin treatment, no L forms of streptococci could be obtained. From the tonsils of two patients two strains of a newMycoplasma were isolated. Growth characteristics and antigenic structure of these strains differ from previously isolated human strains. We could not identify them(More)
Of 55 continuous cell lines 32 gave growth of P.P.L.O. whereas 26 primary cell cultures were free from this contamination. Biochemical and serological typing proved that 31 of these 32 P.P.L.O. wereMycoplasma hominis I. One strain was identical with a recently described oralMycoplasma. It was demonstrated that insufficiently rigorous techniques tend to(More)
In this paper, we describe an experimental study that investigated the effects of electronic work instructions and AR based instructions (projected work instructions) on productivity, product quality and human operator workload. In a simulated assembly task, projected instructions on the work spot and operator guidance picking the correct component lead to(More)
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