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Homologic Analysis of tuf Gene for Elongation Factor Tu of Phytoplasma from Wheat Blue Dwarf
Homology analysis for sequences of tuf gene can differentiate and classify phy toplasma of wheat bule dwarf from subgroup,thus providing a theoretical basis for research of the phytoplasma origin and molecular nosogenesis of wheat Bule dwarf. Expand
Comparition and analysis of 16S rDNA fragment of phytoplasma of wheat blue dwarf
Homology ana-lysis of nucleotide se-quences showed that the amplified 16S rDNA fragment from WBD was closely related to those of clover phyllody(CPh),aster yellows(AY),hydrangea Phyllody (HP),blueberry stunt (BBS), blueberry stunt and tomato big bud (TBB), with homology rate 99.2%-99.9%. Expand
Comparision of three ELISA methods for detection of GLRaV and GFLV
Comparision of three ELISA methods for detection of GLRaV showed that DAS-ELISA, PTA-ELISA and PAS-ELISA could detect GLRaV and GFLV. DAS-ELISA could shorten the detection time. The techniques ,Expand
Producing Enzyme Activity and Identification About Endophytic Actinomycetes Isolated from Sophora alopecuroides L.
Taking 126 endophytic actinomycetes from Sophora alopecuroides L.in arid desert region of Ningxia as material, through transparent circle method, showed that the 71 strains could produce enzyme, accounting for 56.3% of total isolates, and 8 strains were the most significantly active. Expand
Preliminary study on selecting antagonistic endobiotic bacteria of Sophora alopecuroides and its antimicrobial substance in arid region in Ningxia
By testing antimicrobial activity of the bacteria and its extracellular secretary product, the strains with high an- tagonistic activity to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cucumerinum, Fusarium oxysporumExpand
Identification of Endophytic Actinomycetes and Screen of Antagonist from Sophora alopecuroides L.
It was showed on primary identification that Streptomyces and Nocardia were more than ones of that endophytic actinomycetes from Sophora alopecuroides L., 35% and 27% in total isolations respectively, while KDS22 strain showed higher resistant to pathogen than other ones. Expand
Study on techniques of elimination of Grapevine roll-leaf virtus
It was better virus-free method combining the tissue virus- free culture of stem tip with heat treatment and virus passivaor treatment, which could shorten the culture time by 12-19 days as compared with the media used commonly. Expand
Clone and Molecular Characterization of Immunodominant Membrane Protein Gene from Wheat Blue Dwarf Phytoplasma
It was showed that immunodominant membrane protein gene from wheat blue dwarf (WBD) phytoplasm was 495 bp in length, encoding a predicted protein of 164 amino acids, which belongs to the same type with those of CPh, aster yellow (AY), onion yellow (OY) and paulownia witches’ broom (PaWB)phytoplasms. Expand
Foundation stress calculation method based on Winker assumption for combined folding surfaces of buildings
In order to resolve the issue of foundation stress calculation for "combined folding surface",i.e.,the building foundation surface,the author,by use of the orthogonal transformation between the newExpand