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A water-soluble polysaccharide LT1 was isolated from the basidiocarps of Lentinus edodes by hot water extraction and ethanol precipitations, further purified by gel chromatography. The Mw of LT1 was estimated to be 642 kDa by using HPGPC. Chemical and spectroscopic studies illustrated that LT1 has a backbone chain composed of 1 → 4-linked and 1 → 3-linked(More)
This paper focuses on the framework of government procurement management information system. Government procurement management information system is always characterized by hybrid systems, yet a large part of government procurement management information system projects are soft systems, which are often prone to perceptual inconsistencies among designers(More)
Virtual channel communication is a commonly used technology in spacecraft to transfer platform engineering data and high speed scientific data from payloads such as synthetic aperture radar or hyper spectral camera. FIFO type buffer has been widely applied in virtual channel data transfer owing to its simple interface. But the control logic of FIFO can be(More)
For large-span roofs of unusual geometry, the effects of snow drifting on roof snow loads deserves more detailed study of the specific process. Drifting snow in wind is considered in this paper as a two-phase problem. The mixture of air and snow is assumed to be oneway coupled so that the air phase can be treated as unaffected by the airborne snow, and the(More)
Using the method of statistical analysis of China's scientific man in Olympic athletics the status and value, according to the 11th national twenty nine games, select the man athletics events and Olympic Games in the top 30 before three grades, the percentage of statistical standard grades, and sorting items, the analysis results showed 20km race, 50km,(More)
Communications Operations Procedure-1(COP-1) is widely used for reliable transmission of telecommand data for space missions. This paper focuses on the delay performance of COP-1 protocol over long and lossy link. The typical work conditions and process are studied combined with the characters of both the link and the transmission task. Based on the(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The aim of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of TNM staging of pancreatic cancer by multilayer spiral computed tomography (MSCT) and its correlation with tissue PTEN and COX-2 expression. METHODOLOGY Fifty-two patients with pancreatic cancer had MSCT for TNM staging and PTEN and COX-2 expression were detected in pancreatic(More)
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