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Although psoriasis is characterized by the accumulation of activated proliferating lymphoid cells in the psoriatic skin lesion, it is not known whether these cells are activated and proliferating before entry into the psoriatic plaque. The current study evaluates the number and phenotype of proliferating lymphoid cells in the blood of psoriatic patients.(More)
In the winter of 2012, a grandmother and her grandson burned to death in their home in Jeollanam-do, South Korea. The cause of fire was a candle which was lit to light up a cramped room, since they weren't able to pay electricity bills. Like the deceased of this incident, energy poor are continuously exposed to life threatening-either directly or(More)
We describe a 9-year-old boy who presented with very itchy papules and plaques on both knees. Histologically, focal columnar epidermal necrosis was seen associated with features of classic lichen planus. A literature search using PubMed revealed that only two cases of transfusion-associated lichenoid graft-versus-host reaction showing columnar epidermal(More)
PURPOSE One of the members of the tyrosine kinase receptor family is the protein product of the c-met proto-oncogene, which is the receptor for hepatocyte growth factor (HGF). HGF is known as a potent mitogen and motogen for many kinds of carcinoma cells, and has been found to simulate the growth and progression of gastric cancer cells through(More)
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