Guénaëlle Corre-Hellou

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Two methods were developed and used to study the root system dynamics of two species grown together or separately under field conditions. The first method, based on herbicide injection at different soil depths, was used to determine the rooting depth penetration rate of each species in pea–barley and pea–mustard mixtures. The roots absorbed the herbicide(More)
Field experiments were carried out during three successive years to study through a dynamic approach the competition for soil N and its interaction with N2 fixation, leaf expansion and crop growth in pea–barley intercrops. The intensity of competition for soil N varied between experiments according to soil N supply and plant densities. This study(More)
Two 15N labelling methods for assessing net rhizodeposition of nitrogen (N) in pea crop (Pisum sativum L.) were compared in the greenhouse and in the field: the cotton-wick (CW) and the split-root (SR) methods. Rhizodeposition is defined as the organic material lost from roots during their growth through the soil. CW is a method in which 15N urea was(More)
Grain legumes are known to increase the soil mineral nitrogen (N) content, reduce the infection pressure of soil borne pathogens, and hence enhance subsequent cereals yields. Replicated field experiments were performed throughout W. Europe (Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy) to asses the effect of intercropping pea and barley on the N(More)
The design of more sustainable cropping systems requires increasing N-input from symbiotic N2 fixation (SNF). However, SNF can be inhibited by nitrate exposure (e.g., soil N-mineralization). Although the effect of nitrate on SNF has been extensively investigated at the cell scale, few studies have highlighted the impact of nitrate exposure on nodule number(More)
Legume crops are known to have low soil N uptake early in their life cycle, which can weaken their ability to compete with other species, such as weeds or other crops in intercropping systems. However, there is limited knowledge on the main traits involved in soil N uptake during early growth and for a range of species. The objective of this research was to(More)
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