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Session guarantees define required properties of the system regarding consistency of replicas in a distributed system from a single, migrating clientpsilas point of view. This paper presents propositions of two new server synchronization algorithms. These algorithms solve two of the main problems of some earlier protocols: lack of serverpsilas history(More)
Nonachlazin diminishes aseptic inflammation provoked by subplantar administration of carrageenin to rats. Nonachlazin increases the sensitivity pain threshold of the rat paw affected by carrageenin-induced inflammation, decreases the reaction of mice to intraperitoneal injection of phenylchinoin, and the ability of the rabbit central nervous system for(More)
Session guarantees define required properties of a distributed system regarding consistency from the point of view of a single mobile client. Consistency protocols of session guarantees are composed of two elements: the first is aimed at providing safety (the guarantees), the second is aimed at providing liveness (data synchronization). This paper presents(More)
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