Grzegorz Papaj

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Combination of biochemical and bioinformatic analyses led to the discovery of oxidative demethylation – a novel DNA repair mechanism catalyzed by the Escherichia coli AlkB protein and its two human homologs, hABH2 and hABH3. This discovery was based on the prediction made by Aravind and Koonin that AlkB is a member of the 2OG-Fe2+ oxygenase superfamily. In(More)
In the course of CASP6, we generated models for all targets using a new version of the "FRankenstein's monster approach." Previously (in CASP5) we were able to build many very accurate full-atom models by selection and recombination of well-folded fragments obtained from crude fold recognition (FR) results, followed by optimization of the sequence-structure(More)
REPAIRtoire is the first comprehensive database resource for systems biology of DNA damage and repair. The database collects and organizes the following types of information: (i) DNA damage linked to environmental mutagenic and cytotoxic agents, (ii) pathways comprising individual processes and enzymatic reactions involved in the removal of damage, (iii)(More)
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