Grzegorz Michalak

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The masses of the three largest asteroids: (1) Ceres, (2) Pallas and (4) Vesta were determined from gravitational perturbations exerted on respectively 25, 2, and 26 selected asteroids. These masses were calculated by means of the leastsquares method as weighted means of the values obtained separately from the perturbations on single asteroids. Special(More)
Fifty-one simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplants (SPKT) were performed between 1988 and 2004 in patients of mean age 34 years and 23 years duration of diabetes treatment. All kidney and pancreas recipients were on maintenance hemodialysis therapy prior to SPKT. The pancreas with duodenal segment and the kidneys were harvested from cadaveric heart-beating(More)
BACKGROUND Brain death is associated with hemodynamic disturbances in systemic circulation and metabolic storm, and, thus, free radical-mediated injury to donor tissues was hypothesized. An assessment of oxidative stress in the donor and its effect on posttransplant kidney graft function comprised the scope of the study. METHODS A prospective study was(More)
BACKGROUND A prospective evaluation of the influence of methods of kidney storage prior to transplantation on long-term graft function has not been shown so far. A retrospective study undertaken in 415 patients in our department showed the benefit of machine perfusion (MP) on long-term results. The aim of the present study was to assess prospectively the(More)
According to the World Health Organization, post-traumatic mortality rates are still very high and show an increasing tendency. Disorders of innate immune response that may increase the risk of serious complications play a key role in the immunological system response to trauma and infection. The mechanism of these disorders is multifactorial and is still(More)
TerraSAR-X, to be launched at the end of May, 2007, will carry the Tracking, Occultation and Ranging (TOR) Category A payload instrument package. The TOR consists of a high-precision dual-frequency GPS receiver, called Integrated GPS Occultation Receiver (IGOR), for precise orbit determination and atmospheric sounding and a Laser retroreflector (LRR)(More)
UNLABELLED Glutathione S-Tranferases (GST) are the enzymes which are strictly specific for epithelial cells of the proximal and distal tubules in the kidney. These enzymes are detected in the urine when some tubular damage process is found. In healthy people urine GST is hardly detected. The goal of this study was to evaluate the release of two isoenzymes(More)
This study was designed to assess the antifungal/anti-biofilm and hemolytic properties of two polyene antibiotics, amphotericin B (AMF) and nystatin (NYS), attached to the surface of magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) against clinical isolates of Candida species and human red blood cells, respectively. The developed nanosystems, MNP@AMF and MNP@NYS, displayed(More)
Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation (SPKT) improves long-term survival of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients with diabetic nephropathy. The increasing success of SPKT is a result of improved surgical technique, better organ preservation, potent antirejection therapy, and effective use of antibiotics to prevent and treat infectious(More)