Grzegorz Kowalik

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This paper presents a cooperative location-based game for the elderly with the use of tablets equipped with mobile application. The game was designed to tackle at once several crucial topics related to the issue of aging, namely the social inclusion, education in the field of modern technology, motivation for learning as well as physical activity.(More)
In this paper we presents results of research about elderly users of Stack Overflow (Question and Answer portal for programmers). They have different roles, different main activities and different habits. They are an important part of the community, as they tend to have higher reputation and they like to share their knowledge. This is a great example of(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging is the next in a succession of noninvasive methods for evaluation of the heart and great vessels after total correction in congenital heart disease and percutaneous interventional cardiology procedures. Between October 1994 to March 1995 we performed 28 magnetic resonance investigations in children after surgical treatment of(More)
Population aging and the ubiquity of technology in everyday life have made designing solutions for older adults a necessity. Usercentered and participatory design approaches include elderly users in the software development process to some extent but do not encourage them to take a leading role in designing applications to address their unmet needs.(More)
The clinical analysis has been performed in 53 cases of sepsis induced by Streptococcus viridans. Among children with diagnosis of sepsis majority of cases in group of older infant and children up to 2 year age was due to above infection. The S. viridans strain isolated form the blood were in 90% percentage resistant to cloxacillin , the resistance to(More)