Grzegorz Jaskiewicz

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Semantic search results clustering is one of the most wanted functionalities of many information retrieval systems including general web search engines as well as domain specific article portals or digital libraries. It may advice the users to describe the need for information in a more precise way. In this paper, we discuss a framework of document(More)
In this paper it is shown an application of an agent-oriented programming paradigm with a reasoning layer based on a logic programming. The presented solution was used to build bots in Counter-Strike video game. The software architecture for new bots has been presented and benefits were discussed. This article does not discusses all the work in detail, but(More)
This article presents a method of the rough estimation of geographical coordinates of villages and cities, which is described in the 19th-Century geographical encyclopedia entitled: “The Geographical Dictionary of the Polish Kingdom and Other Slavic Countries” [18]. Described are the algorithm function for estimating location, the tools used to acquire and(More)
κ-labs is a research project exploring the possibilities of the logic programming paradigm in bot behavior programming for first-person shooter (FPS) games. The focus of previous work was to make Prolog a usable tool for bot programming and a baseline for further extensions. This paper presents one such extension, which makes it possible to script(More)
This publication is to present a summary of research (referred as κ-Labs1) carried out in author’s Ph.D studies on topic of application of Logic Programming as scripting language for virtual character behavior control in First Person Shooter (FPS) games. The research goal is to apply reasoning and knowledge representation techniques to create character(More)
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