Grzegorz Granosik

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Many industrial applications require inspections and surveillance in hard-to-reach and sometimes even hazardous areas. A relatively new kind of robotic mechanism, called a " serpentine robot, " may be able to provide a solution to some of these applications. Serpentine robots are slender, multi-segmented vehicles designed to provide greater mobility than(More)
—This paper introduces a new control method for pneumatic actuators, called " Proportional Position and Stiffness (PPS) " controller. The PPS method provides both position and stiffness control for a robot joint driven by a pneumatic cylinder with four ON-OFF valves. In addition, the proposed control system consumes much less compressed air than comparable(More)
This paper describes the design of a pneumatic joint actuation system for the OmniTread serpentine robot, developed at the University of Michigan. Serpentine robots are a new class of mobile robots with one unique characteristic: they have a very large ratio of length to diameter. To implement this unique shape, serpentine robots usually have multiple(More)
Burnout rate is very high among therapists who work with mentally disabled children, especially those with autism. To address this issue, our group of researchers from different fields conducted a series of interviews and participant-observations in a workplace and proposed a programmable, robotized environment which therapists can use in their everyday(More)