Grzegorz Granosik

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Many industrial applications require inspections and surveillance in hard-to-reach and sometimes even hazardous areas. A relatively new kind of robotic mechanism, called a " serpentine robot, " may be able to provide a solution to some of these applications. Serpentine robots are slender, multi-segmented vehicles designed to provide greater mobility than(More)
—This paper introduces a new control method for pneumatic actuators, called " Proportional Position and Stiffness (PPS) " controller. The PPS method provides both position and stiffness control for a robot joint driven by a pneumatic cylinder with four ON-OFF valves. In addition, the proposed control system consumes much less compressed air than comparable(More)
This paper describes the design of a pneumatic joint actuation system for the OmniTread serpentine robot, developed at the University of Michigan. Serpentine robots are a new class of mobile robots with one unique characteristic: they have a very large ratio of length to diameter. To implement this unique shape, serpentine robots usually have multiple(More)