Grzegorz Dwojakowski

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With the development of medical imaging modalities and image processing algorithms, there arises a need for methods of their comprehensive quantitative evaluation. In particular, this concerns the algorithms for vessel tracking and segmentation in magnetic resonance angiography images. The problem can be approached by using synthetic images, where true(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is currently widely used in medical image diagnosis. However, MR scanners are extensively used in climes and thus are rarely accessible for experimentation. In consequence, the number of images available for image processing methods evaluation is too low and there appears a need for a method to generate synthetic images. In(More)
Data from Magnetic Resonance Angiography carries information about the structure of blood vessels in the human brain. Thanks to proper segmentation methods, this information can be used in diagnosis. However, the correct assessment of these algorithms is troublesome. We have proposed a new concept of validating segmentation results. The idea is to create an(More)
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