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Many practical computing problems concern large graphs. Standard examples include the Web graph and various social networks. The scale of these graphs - in some cases billions of vertices, trillions of edges - poses challenges to their efficient processing. In this paper we present a computational model suitable for this task. Programs are expressed as a(More)
With the spread of the Internet the computing model on server systems is undergoing several important changes. Recent research ideas concerning dynamic operating system extensibility are finding their way into the commercial domain, resulting in designs of extensible databases and Web servers. In addition, both ordinary users and service providers must deal(More)
Safe language technology can be used for protection within a single address space. This protection is enforced by the language's type system, which ensures that references to objects cannot be forged. A safe language alone, however, lacks many features taken for granted in more traditional operating systems, such as rights revocation, thread protection,(More)
The Multitasking Virtual Machine (called from now on simply MVM) is a modification of the Javaâ ¢ virtual machine. It enables safe, secure, and scalable multitasking. Safety is achieved by strict isolation of applications from one another. Resource control mechanisms augment security by preventing some denial-ofservice attacks. Improved scalability results(More)
Software systems in many circumstances need awareness of their resource usage. Meeting performance requirements often requires the ability to manage consumption of resources provided by the environment. Resource management is traditionally handled by operating systems, but the growing need to use safe languages in the systems programming domain adds(More)
The Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) is the standard platform for hosting enterprise applications written in the Java programming language. A single J2EE server can support multiple applications much like a traditional operating system, but performance levels can be difficult to control, due to the absence of resource management facilities in(More)
MATLAB ® , a commercial product of The MathWorks, Inc., has become one of the principal languages of desktop scientific computing. A system is described that enables one to run MATLAB conveniently on multiple processors. Using short, MATLAB-style commands like Eval, Send, Recv, Bcast, Min, and Sum, the user operating within one MATLAB session can start(More)
Recent efforts aimed at improving the scalability of the Java TM platform have focused primarily on the safe collocation of multiple applications in the virtual machine. This is often beneficial for various performance metrics, but ultimately leads to a single-user multitasking environment. The lack of multiuser capabilities forms a barrier to the(More)
Sharing of code among applications executing in separate virtual machines can lead to memory footprint reductions and to performance improvements. The design of a general and acceptable sharing mechanism is challenging because of several constraints: performance considerations, the possibility of dynamic class loading, dependencies between shared code and(More)