Grzegorz Banaszak

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For a CM abelian extension F/K of an arbitrary totally real number field K, we construct the Stickelberger splitting maps (in the sense of [1]) for both thé etale and the Quillen K–theory of F and we use these maps to construct Euler systems in the even Quillen K–theory of F. The Stickelberger splitting maps give an immediate proof of the annihilation of(More)
Let F/K be an abelian extension of number fields with F either CM or totally real and K totally real. If F is CM and the Brumer-Stark conjecture holds for F/K, we construct a family of G(F/K)–equivariant Hecke characters for F with infinite type equal to a special value of certain G(F/K)–equivariant L–functions. Using results of Greither–Popescu [19] on the(More)
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