Grover N B Yip

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Hsp70s (heat shock protein 70 kDa) are central to protein folding, refolding, and trafficking in organisms ranging from archaea to Homo sapiens under both normal and stressed cellular conditions. Hsp70s are comprised of a nucleotide-binding domain (NBD) and a substrate-binding domain (SBD). The nucleotide binding site in the NBD and the substrate binding(More)
R2-CPMG 15N relaxation experiments form the basis of NMR dynamics measurements, both for analysis of nano-pico second dynamics and milli-micro second dynamics (kinetics). It has been known for some time that in the practical limit of finite pulse widths, which becomes acute when using cryogenic probes, systematic errors in the apparent R2 relaxation(More)
To reliably measure NMR relaxation properties of macromolecules is a prerequisite for precise experiments that identify subtle variations in relaxation rates, as required for the determination of rotational diffusion anisotropy, CSA tensor determination, advanced motional modeling or entropy difference estimations. An underlying problem with current NMR(More)
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