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Sensitivity of Different Scenedesmus Strains to the Endoparasitic Microorganism Amoeboaphelidium
Even among Scenedesmus strains isolated from a single locality, different sensitivity types can be found, indicating appreciable physiological diversity, and may be determined by different combinations of genetic characters. Expand
Morphology and possible host range of Rhizophydium algavorum sp. Nov.. (Chytridiales) an obligate parasite of algae
Summary Culture of Rhizophydium (Chytridiales) was isolated from a little pond near St.-Petersburg and described as representative of a new species – Rh. algavorum. It is an obligate parasite ofExpand
Cultures of Rhizophydium spp. (Chytridiales) - parasites of chlorococcalean algae
7 strains of chytrids from the genus Rhizophydium, parasites of chlorococcalean algae, have been isolated and examined. The strains differ in the type of zoospore discharge from the sporangium, inExpand
A survey of toxicity of cyanobacterial blooms in Lake Ladoga and adjacent water bodies
The data suggest that toxic forms of cyanobacteria are widespread in Karelian lakes belonging to the drainage basin of Lake Ladoga, and the species identified in toxic bloom material included Anabaena sp. Expand
[Flexibacterium lyzing blue-green algae].
[Cell cycle characteristics of Chamaesiphon confervicola, a cyanobacterium forming exospores].
A strain of the cyanobacterium Chamaesiphon confervicola was isolated and studied, characterized by the presence of numerous pores in the mureic layer of the cell wall. Expand