Gro Bjerknes

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Scandinavian research projects in system development have traditionally put a strong emphasis on user participation as a strategy for increasing working life democracy. The article analyses a few of these projects with respect to this goal. We argue that there has been a development from politics to ethics in system development research, and that the(More)
~ D is d i f ferent f rom convent ional design approaches in that users and system experts share the responsibil ity fo r the quality of the design proposal and the implemented system. Thus both system experts and users get new roles in the system development process. The system experts cannot make final design decisions on their own. This is a diff icult(More)
The paper you hold in your hands tells the story of the last evaluation meeting in the Florence project. The Florence project dealt with use of computers in nurses' daily work, and in the project a small and rather simple computer system was developed. The computer system was intended to support cooperative aspects of the nurses' work. During the evaluation(More)
This paper is a discussion about how the Application Perspective works in practice.1 We talk about values and attitudes to system development and computer systems, and we illustrate how they have been carried out in practice by examples from the Florence project.2 The metaphors ‘utensil’ and ‘epaulet’ refer to questions about how we conceive the computer(More)