Grishja van der Veer

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Knowledge of the cause and source of Pb pollution is important to abate environmental Pb pollution by taking source-related actions. Pb isotope analysis is a potentially powerful tool to identify anthropogenic Pb and its sources in the environment. Spatial information about the variation in anthropogenic Pb content and anthropogenic Pb sources in rural(More)
Knowledge on the lithologically inherited variation in present day Pb isotope ratios in soils is remarkably limited. Such information is essential to determine the anthropogenic Pb fraction and anthropogenic Pb sources in Pb polluted soils. This study presents results of a survey of subsoil samples of approximately 350 rural locations covering the entire(More)
Biomarker profiling, as a rapid screening approach for detection of hormone abuse, requires well selected candidate biomarkers and a thorough in vivo biomarker evaluation as previously done for detection of growth hormone doping in athletes. The bovine equivalent of growth hormone, called recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) is (il)legally administered to(More)
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