Griselda De Stefano

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Twelve children with chronic atopic dermatitis and elevated IgE levels (age range: 2-13 years; mean age = 8.2 +/- 3.5 years) were selected for the study and treated with clobetasone butyrate (0.05% cream) thrice daily during the first week, then twice daily for three weeks. Adrenocortical function was evaluated at the beginning and the end of treatment(More)
Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphomas are known to occur in Sjögren syndrome (SS) patients, but reported cases in labial salivary glands (LSG) are rare. We report a case of 60-year-old female patient with SS who developed MALT lymphoma in the labial salivary glands during a 2-year time interval when she was participating in the Sjögren's(More)
Thirty-one patients (median age, 44 years) with advanced hematologic malignancies were given thiotepa 15 mg/kg, and cyclophosphamide 120 (n = 14) or 150 (n = 17) mg/kg followed by unfractionated peripheral blood stem cell transplants (PBSCT) from genotypically identical siblings (n = 28) or one antigen mismatched family donor (n = 3). Donors were mobilized(More)
Twenty-nine asthmatic children were studied to assess their ability to detect the severity of their bronchoconstriction. First (STEP 0): each child was asked if he "felt asthma," inviting him to give a self-estimated obstruction score (SEOS) from 0 (no asthma) to 3 (severe asthma) and a baseline FEV1 was recorded. Then (STEP 1): methacholine was(More)
The effects of the beta 2-adrenergic agonist salbutamol (0.02 mL/kg of a 0.5% solution) and the cholinergic antagonist ipratropium bromide (2 mL of a 0.025% solution), administered alone or in combination at different doses, were evaluated in 48 asthmatic children using a single-dose, double-blind, crossover design. Spirometric measurements were taken(More)
This trial was designed to test the use of CD34+ selected haemopoietic stem cells (HSC) in HLA-mismatched donor-recipient pairs, following intensive conditioning with thiotepa, antilymphocyte globulin (ALG), cyclophosphamide and single-dose total-body irradiation (sTBI). 10 patients aged 16-50 with advanced malignancies and a two- or three-antigen(More)
Twenty-nine patients with symmetrical eczematous lesions were treated with 0.05% clobetasone butyrate cream. Clinical conditions and cortisol and ACTH concentrations were evaluated at the beginning and after 1 week in 12 children and after 2 weeks of treatment in 17 patients respectively. The lesions and symptoms improved steadily and no significant change(More)
Fifteen children with exercise-induced asthma (EIA) participated in a double-blind trial comparing the protective effects of inhaled sodium cromoglycate (20 mg/2 ml), ipratropium bromide (500 micrograms/2 ml) and verapamil (5 mg/2 ml). Saline was used as control. There was no significant difference in base line pulmonary function before and after the(More)